What What Are We In Reference To The Whole Universe?

Sometimes, when meditating or doing pranayama, I get a sense of a large unity, and I wonder what am I related to the universe as a whole?

We are the whole universe.

We possess a mind that can both unify us with it and create imaginations that we think divide us from it and yet our skill set is often fatally divided in our thinking.

We can refer ourselves to the “universe out there,” or we can feel the “universe in here,” or we can also understand our mind which is the lens between both the Inward and the Outward.

By doing this one thing, we can make choices about what relationship we can have with the inner, and the outer, and how to develop the wisdom that proxies the two.

Physics is just the mind experiencing itself. This initial division between mind and matter ACTUALLY reveals that they are the same thing, upon deep reflection and realization.

In truth, there is no separation between anything, apart from the division that exists in the minds of the so-called individual objects, which are REALLY just the universe experiencing itself subjectively, with the various separations themselves being imaginations.