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What Can You Tell Me About The Akashic Records?

How does one approach practice so I can have access to these?

TL:DR; You don't. Such knowledge is, at best, a side effect of sincere practice. 

Having a name for a thing at the level of divided consciousness does not mean you have the facility to travel into and back from unity with a memory of that trip. The nondual does not lend itself to memory since there is no direction, no compass, and no guide, and the further you head toward it, the more confusing and counter-intuitive it becomes. It can be terrifying, as a result, for the nondisciplined ego.

It’s pretty advanced stuff, but only from the perspective of our intensely divided cultural context, which has left you bereft of training, behavior modeling, mental models, practices, and tools with which to both rid yourself of the clinging ego that drowns your existing access to that AND a way to bridge the gap between what you’ve been told you are with what you actually are.

Knowledge- even these records- are always available all the time, to everyone, for free. It is only your divided nature that must be released in order to know yourself more fully.

It is in some ways a shame that words exist in this sense, since saying “The Akashic Records” makes it sound as simple as learning about the Dewey Decimal System or something.

Learning that which is counter-intuitive, confusing, and unspeakable in a VAST majority and being able to regard and speak about that in the intuitive dualistic language is an IMMENSE task, as so very little translates.

By this I mean the staggering unimaginable BANDWIDTH of available knowledge of yourself requires a translator and even a translator must have had the discipline to learn the two languages.

Done correctly, the ego can become a translator of the nondual into the dual, but this too takes a long time, often lifetimes. It is ALL THERE ALL THE TIME but drowned out and claimed by the ego less eager to translate and more anxious to rule and own and be heard in all areas.

After all this time, I myself have only been able to be allowed into the library and talk to the librarian. I have hardly seen anything but the bookshelves and filing system at this point but even these things were life-changing for me.

And yet, it is only myself preventing me from knowing and seeing more of this, ala myself. Which I am.