Spiritual Maturity Hierarchy

Regarding Beliefs, Powers, and Siddhis

What do you say to someone who believes they will gain supernatural powers by doing yoga or other practices?

Why are ALL beliefs a problem in Yoga and Vedanta for Yogis and Vedantins?

You’re barking up the wrong tree.

Freedom FROM belief and “powers” is what you want, since they are a trap like all motivations that originate in the mind.

All beliefs and ideals are traps.

I will point out that this attitude isn’t popular or intuitive.

Correlated to this is “changing the world”, since it’s got the same fallacious premise. “Who are you to set right the world? You must first change yourself and then the world will appear alright.”

Narcissists work outside in, requiring the world to change to suit their lack of understanding of themselves.

Authentic spiritual people and those who are mature work inside out.

Learn to do without doership, and without proclaiming yourself as the Unique Change Agent or savior of anything. Change your relationship with action.

“Spiritualism” is generally colonized nonsense that has reversed the aims of spirituality and its method to fit the predominant social contract.

Don’t be fooled.