Shamanic Drumming Circle

Shamanic Drumming Circle with Robbie Priestley

Join me in the magnificent Silent Motion Yoga Studio just south of Nanaimo for an interactive evening of shamanic drumming and spiritual empowerment. In this amazing acoustic environment, I will lead the group in shamanic drumming activities for guided journeywork and shamanic healing. Empower yourself with the magic of sound and rhythm, and the support of our community. No experience is necessary and everyone is welcome!

What to bring: bring your own drum, or borrow one from the collection. For the journeywork activity, you may wish to bring a yoga mat and a blindfold (or similar eye covering). A notepad and pen may also be useful for recording your experiences.

Notes: If you prefer not to drum, you are still welcome to join the circle. Please be aware that a shamanic drumming circle is a guided, organized event featuring simple and repetitive rhythms intended for specific spiritual purposes such as prayer and trance induction. A shamanic drumming circle is not intended for free-form musical or creative expression. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Your host: Robbie Priestley, Shamanic Practitioner, Fire Circle Shamanic Services, 778-840-3717

Location: Silent Motion Yoga Studio, 2021 Brothers Road, Nanaimo (Map)

Robbie With Drum
Robbie Priestley, Shamanic Practitioner
Silent Motion Yoga Studio
Silent Motion Yoga Studio

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