How Are Detachment (Viveka) & Discrimination (Vairagya) Related?

This infographic shows the relationship between detachment and discrimination, the two critical factors of the Sadhana Chatushtya, or Qualifications Of Aspirant.

You can start either at the top of this graphic, or the bottom, wherever you are in your development. 

I often consider that detachment is often first an emotional factor, whereas discrimination is often a mental one. 

When you get too far to the right or left along the Shadow Line, you are generally getting more unhealthy psychologically. Overuse of strengths is generally creating weaknesses.

detachment and discrimination

Here is Swami Krishnananda’s take on this.

“Forces of the world are going to be friendly with us. God is waiting for our arrival there. But we also have to bestow some thought on another important aspect of this matter. How are we to make ourselves a fitting instrument and a proper conducting medium for the influx of universal forces into ourselves? The medium of contact is as important as that which will flow through that medium into the expected location. This is the very specific practical side of something that we are expected to do about our own selves. An unfit instrument cannot be a good conductor of powerful forces. These ways and means of making ourselves fit for the reception of divine grace, and for the entry of universal forces into our own selves, are traditionally known as sadhana chatushtaya, a fourfold discipline of one’s own self.”

This is a beautiful breakdown of this by Swami Jnaneshvara on his website, about The Four Means And The Six Virtues.

This is a great PDF the main message of the Bhagavad Gita: Discernment