Durgadas (Regis Chapman)

Yoga, Vedanta, and Meditation Teacher

As a graduate of and teacher of the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm in California, Durgadas is a follower of Swamia Sivananda and Vishnu-devananda. He is also a longtime professional geek and web designer who has spent decades coaching endurance athletes.

Durgadas is passionate about the core traditional practice of Yoga. He follows a path of compassion and is dedicated to decolonizing Yoga, challenging the stereotypes that pervade many western Yogic practices. To him, Yoga is rooted in thousands of years seeking out truths in all of existence.

It is his hope that he can share lessons and skills he’s acquired to help you on your personal journey, be it towards greater fitness and health, a deeper spiritual life, or both.

Other Silent Motion Yoga instructors are likewise devoted to the principles and practices of traditional Yoga.

“Life is only a lesson about uniting with the Self.”

Professional Skills



Durgadas is philosophical by nature and by choice. He seeks what is behind This.