Practicing and teaching the ancient yogic knowledge of health, peace, unity in diversity and Self-realization.


Solving Problems Of Humans Existing In An Infinite, Timeless, Unchanging Universe

Swami Sivananda’s teachings can be summarized in six words: “Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize”. Swamiji attained Mahasamadhi in 1963. The government of India published a stamp in his honor for his 100 year birthday anniversary, as he is recognized as an authoritative teacher in classical Yoga. Swami Sivananda, foreseeing that the whole world would need Yoga teachings, wrote his books in English, accepted western disciples, and sent some of his closest disciples to the West to teach Yoga. One of his foremost disciples is Swami Vishnu-devananda, whom he sent to America in 1957 with the words: “Go to America, people are waiting”

What Yoga is according to Swami Sivananda

  • Yoga is taking care of body/mind/spirit, not seeking after fitness or beauty, or health.
  • Yoga is finding the cause of our suffering and showing the way to get out of it – to be free from it.
  • Yoga is a system of education for the body, the mind, the intellect, and the inner spirit.
  • Yoga is a way of life.
  • Yoga is universal, not sectarian or separate.
  • Yoga helps us to go to the root of our suffering, spiritual ignorance (not knowing who we really are).
  • Yoga brings individual peace of mind and collective peace.
  • Yoga is unity in diversity.
  • Yoga is self discipline.
  • Yoga is life.
  • Yoga is simple life.
  • Yoga is moderate life.
  • Yoga helps us to deal with stress.
  • Yoga helps calm emotions.
  • Yoga is a balanced mind, strong and steady.